Combo Camp - Full Day

All Levels (Ages 8-18): Choice of 2 Sports

These camps will provide kids with an introduction to various water activities in a full day program. The program encourage kids to collaborate with friends in a series of activities so that they become confident and comfortable participating in Skimboarding, Windsurfing, Stand Up Paddling, Sailing or Kayaking.

Windsure summer full day camps run Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. 

Windsurfing & Skimboarding
$405.00 + tax

Windsurfing & Stand Up Paddling
$405.00 + tax

Skimboarding + Stand-Up Paddling
$385.00 + tax

To register by phone, call (604) 224 - 0615


Partner Combo Camps

In conjunction with other schools (MacSailing & Ecomarine) at the Jericho Sailing Centre. Participants pick one of our week-long half day programs in combination with either Sailing or kayaking for the other half of the day.

In order to register for these programs, we have to coordinate with the other schools to check availability and scheduling.

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Collaboration with Macsailing & Ecomarine Paddlesport Centres

Collaboration with Macsailing & Ecomarine Paddlesport Centres
Camps are available all day from 9:00am - 4:00pm
Please call (604) 224 - 0615 for details and availability

Sailing Opti or Escape Sail with Skimboarding or SUP: $375
Sailing Opti or Escape with Windsurfing: $409
Sailing CANSail with Skimboarding or SUP: $405
Sailing CANSail with Windsurfing: $439
Kayaking & Windsuring: $418
Kayaking & Skimboarding: $374
Kayaking & Stand-Up Paddling: $374